Forgetful Day (Day 9 - 12 3 09)

Forgetful Day (Day 9 - 12 3 09)

Forgetful Day (Day 9 - 12/3/09)
Date: December 3rd, 2009
Running Time: 5:43

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  • Stephen's car
  • Longhorn's

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The vlog opens with Stephen driving. He explains that he's heading to Justin's workplace, and then to two of them are heading to the first performance of The Nutcracker. He tells us that the day has been largely uneventful so far, and that he doesn't have any plans for after the show. He may go out to dinner, especially since he hasn't eaten all day.

He briefly touches on the previous day's "mishap" involving the pack of Magic cards he said he wasn't going to buy. He tells us that he isn't addicted to the game or anything, and that he plans on holding off buying any more at least until he gets back to SCAD (the college Stephen attends).

In the next cut, Stephen tells us that when he stopped to get gas, he realized that he left his wallet at home. After receiving a call from Justin, Stephen realizes that he doesn't have time to go back for it, and decides to just drive very carefully in hopes of not attracting the attention of local authorities. Off screen, he calls his mother to explain the situation. She tells him that she and his father are actually in the neighborhood, and that he can just meet them at Chick-Fil-A so that she can buy him a sandwich. They'll then go home to retrieve Stephen's wallet and bring it to him later. Cutting to the next scene, Stephen has his food, which he's going to wolf down on the rest of the way to the recital.

We see some brief footage of the audience before the performance, shot by Stephen (who arrived safely). The next shot is of the cast on stage taking their final bow while the audience claps away. The main theme of The Nutcracker can be heard.

Stephen cuts to Justin, asking him how he thought the recital went. He thinks it went well, but that he couldn't really tell from backstage, as there was no monitor back there.

Cutting to Stephen driving again, he tells us that he and the Nutcracker people are going out to eat on Sunday. In the meantime, he's meeting his parents (who came to the theater as planning to give him his wallet) at Longhorn's to share some appetizers. Stephen considers the day "forgetful" since, in addition to forgetting his wallet, he also forgot to turn on his car's headlights as he was leaving the theater. He only realized they were off when his mother called his cell phone to tell him. He assures the viewers that he normally is a safe and responsible driver, it's just that he's been rather absentminded on this particular day.

Stephen closes at the restaurant by showing us the appetizers, and saying "tomorrow will surely be better".

Notes Edit

  • The title of the vlog comes from Stephen forgetting his wallet.

Quotes Edit

  • Stephen: "Let's do it. Let's film us some... crackin' nuts."