Game Commentary (Day 440 - 2 7 11)

Game Commentary (Day 440 - 2 7 11)

Game Commentary (Day 440 - 2/7/11)
Date: February 7th, 2011
Running Time: 3:17

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Minecraft World Week 1 (Day 440 BONUS)



  • Stephen's dorm


Taylor buys Minecraft today, which means that all of the roommates have the game. With that in mind, Stephen has decided to create a channel to do some game commentary, a.k.a. "Let's Plays". He says that he will likely do a PC/Mac game for his first series, so he asks the audience for suggestions - he's leaning towards Half-Life 2 or Portal.


  • This was the first hint of StephenPlays on the vlog channel. His first series on the channel was indeed Portal.