Golden Corral is the Way To Go (Day 2 - 11 26 09)-0

Golden Corral is the Way To Go (Day 2 - 11 26 09)-0

Golden Corral is the Way To Go (Day 2 - 11/26/09)
Date: November 26th, 2009
Running Time: 3:14

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  • Stephen's House
  • Golden Corral
  • Stephen's Car


Stephen reveals that it's Thanksgiving, and his family is going to Golden Corral for dinner. He explains that it's not only (probably) cheaper than preparing the meal yourself, but they have unlimited everything, so it's the way to go.

The next shot shows them pulling into the parking lot of Golden Corral, followed by Stephen interviewing his parents over what they have on their plates. After his father finishes explaining, Stephen asks him to recite the items on his plate. He mistakenly says "applesauce" though it can't be found anywhere on the plate.

After the meal, Stephen tells a bit about what he ate and explains that he's not a big fan of turkey, and despite it being Thanksgiving, decided not to eat any.

As the vlog closes Stephen sits with Jarrett and Austin, playing a one on one Magic match. He says that they'll play a bit more then head to bed, as tomorrow is Black Friday, and they plan on getting up early to meet Justin and do some shopping.


  • This is the first time that Debra, Steve, Austin and Jarrett appear on the vlog in the flesh. All had appeared prior to this point, but only in photos.
  • Jarrett was learning how to play Magic in this video.