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Stephen and the others head to the train station to go visit the Ghibli Museum. He says that you have to get the tickets in advanced, so Chaz had to find someone online who lived in Japan to get the tickets for them. Then, he had to meet with that person and get the tickets. After finishing looking around the museum, he remarks on how he and Lindsey have only seen one Studio Ghibli movie called "The Secret World of Arrietty" and Dan has only seen only 3. Stephen says the majority of the museum consists of things related to the more popular Studio Ghibli movies. Mallory says that she has seen 7 Studio Ghibli movies. The museum is fairly tiny and has impressive architecture, though he could not fully appreciate it.

The group heads to Nakano Broadway, a large shopping complex with anime and manga merchandise. Stephen ends up not picking up anything. Stephen says that he saw some interesting games like Pepsiman and LSD: Dream Emulator, but they were too expensive. Next, they head to a sake tasting at Kurand Sake Market in Shinjuku. They try different kinds of sake, including one that goes well with cheese and one that pairs wells with chocolate and ice cream.

Back at the Airbnb, Stephen recounts how he went to several different Book-Off stores, a chain of used bookstores, in Shinjuku to find more GameCube games. Stephen says that each successive Book-Off store he went to had less and less GameCube games. Finally, the last Book-Off store had no GameCube games. He ends the vlog by showing some pictures that Jeff took from the observation deck at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.


  • The Studio Ghibli movies that Dan has seen are My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, and Howl's Moving Castle
  • Mal's favorite Studio Ghibli movie is Howl's Moving Castle
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