HUMAN LEG LAMP ✉️ VlogMail (October 2017)

HUMAN LEG LAMP ✉️ VlogMail (October 2017)

Date: March 3rd, 2018
Running Time: 52:58

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People Edit

Mail Shown Edit

Senders Content
Brianna and Chase
French Settlement, LA
  • Letter
  • Sticker of "Dr. Gatchet" by Van Gogh
Johnson City, TN
  • Letter
  • Acrylic painting of red Pikmin
Kitchener, ON
Youtube: Novaura Autism
  • DVDs of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Clue: The Movie
  • Letter
  • Programs for Hamilton Comic Con and Toronto's Fan Expo (Canadian conventions)
  • Hot Rods (beef sticks)
  • Tim Hortons' Dark Roast coffee pods
Andrew and Pandora
Youtube: LiliumBand
  • Letter
  • "Disappear" and "Clearly Me" by Lilium (Andrew's band)
  • Snacks
    • Zimtsterne (star-shaped cinnamon biscuits)
    • Choco Crossies (chocolates with milk chocolate, corn flakes and almonds)
    • Choclait Chips Classic (crisped cereal chips coated with milk chocolate, decorated with plain chocolate)
    • Contessa Schoko (round spiced Lebkuchen cakes covered with dark chocolate)
    • Kinder Schoko-bons (chocolate bonbons)
    • Ferrero Rocher
    • 2 Kinder eggs (for Dan and Lindsey)
    • 4 chocolate Santas (for Stephen, Mal, Debra and Steve)
    • Edel Marzipan Kartoffeln (marzipan balls)
    • Dominosteine Doppelt Gefullt (dominosteine double filled with plain chocolate)
  • 2 advent calendars
Cobblerstown, WV
  • Light pink heels and leopard heels for Stephen
Solesland, MS
  • Camo platform pumps for Stephen
Steeltoe, ND
  • Red heels with thigh-high fishnets attached for Stephen
Bonifay, FL
  • Card
  • Umaibō sticks (cylindrical puffed corn snacks)
  • Various Japanese candies and snacks
  • Bean Boozled jelly beans
  • Player 1 and Player 2 shirts
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