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Mallory starts the day off by making an iced matcha latte for herself to have with breakfast.

Anyway, it's Halloween! Dan and Lindsey will be coming over later for dinner and to watch The Babadook (2014). Since Dan and Lindsey hate horror, Stephen wanted a less gory and more psychological horror film, which will hopefully allow them to appreciate horror films.

Also, Debra made them some pumpkin bread, which they get to eat for breakfast.

Some time later, Mal makes some cabbage soup for lunch (which also has tomatoes, green beans, bell peppers, carrots, celery, onions, and turkey sausage).

Many hours later, Dan and Lindsey arrive! Dan's dressed as Marty McFly, while Lindsey is a vampire. Mal has also dressed up as a space artist. They have some tacos for dinner and then watch The Babadook.

Stephen enjoys it a lot and thought it was really great, but Dan and Lindsey call it "nightmare fuel".


  • In celebration of Halloween, the opening graphic for the vlog is orange, instead of white.
  • This is Debra's pumpkin bread recipe, except that she used Libby's Pumpkin Bread Mix instead of the one stated in the recipe.
  • Stephen's review of The Babadook can be found here.