Hand Chewing (Day 8 - 12 2 09)

Hand Chewing (Day 8 - 12 2 09)

Hand Chewing (Day 8 - 12/2/09)
Date: December 2nd, 2009
Running Time: 6:11

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Locations Edit

  • Stephen's house
  • Stephen's Dentist's Office
  • John's Office

Summary Edit

The vlog opens with Stephen driving to his dentist appointment. He explains that the appointment was thirty minutes later than he thought, and he used that extra time to edit the previous day's vlog, which he'll post when he returns.

He talks about the weather. It's been raining all day, and there's some flooding.

After getting out of the dentist's, Stephen tells us that he has a cavity, and is coming back in a couple weeks to get the decay filled. He also mentions that he dozed off in the dentist's chair, and started chewing on the hygienist's hand (hence the title of today's vlog).

Driving home, Stephen says that if it was any other day, he'd stop by Wal-Mart to get a Magic: the Gathering booster pack. But, the previous night he, Jeremy, Jarrett, and Austin had agreed to split a booster box. It was a great way to save money on boosters (everybody got nine packs for about $13 off MSRP), but he'd still spent $24 on cards, and so he still doesn't want to buy any more for a while. They aren't going to open the boosters until Austin and Jeremy get back from school, which is also in about two weeks, around the same time as the appointment to fill the cavity. A week after that, Mallory will arrive to spend Christmas with Stephen and his family.

Moving on, he talks about Justin's wife, Laura, who runs a dance studio and is putting on a production of The Nutcracker. Justin wants Stephen to film, edit, and produce a DVD of it. He has to meet Justin the following evening (opening night) to get started.

A few hours later, Stephen tells us that John called to ask him to fix his laptop. So, Stephen is on his way over to John's office to do the job.

The next shot is of John, who has commandeered Stephen's camera. He introduces himself, shoots a laughing Stephen, then shoots a guy named Brian playing what appears to be Snake on an archaic PC running an operating system called Lindows (a Linux-based OS that can run Windows applications).

Back at home, Stephen tells us that he was at John's place for a while, helping different people. They gave him the old PC that Brian was using, which they were going to throw out anyway. The only thing really worth saving was a 40GB hard drive, which Stephen offers to anyone who's willing to cover the shipping.

Moving on, Stephen talks about Apocalypse Comics, which he stopped by on the way home. He'd never been there before, and wanted to see if they sold Magic cards and/or hold Friday Night Magic tournaments. They do both, which means Stephen and his friends now only have to drive a few minutes to participate, instead of going all the way to Socastee (roughly 45 minutes away). He became acquainted with the guy who runs the tournament, Chad, and bought a booster from him. Footage from earlier in the day when Stephen said he isn't going to buy any more cards for a while is rolled to point out the irony. It's too late for Stephen to participate in this week's league, but he'll be able to play in a few weeks.

In the next scene, Stephen is seen reformatting the hard drive of John's laptop. He briefly touches on the advancement of technology, how far computers have come in the last few years, and that we'll be looking back in ten years at modern computers and wonder how we survived with just "two 500 gig hard drives". On that note, he mentions that the Nutcracker footage he'll be shooting for Justin is going to take up a lot of memory.

The vlog closes with the footage of Stephen saying he's not going to buy any more Magic cards for a while, rolling for a third time, followed by the footage of him talking about the card he got from Chad, rolled for a second time.

Notes Edit

  • First appearance of John, Stephen's youth pastor in high school. He is the original owner of Goat.
The Goat Ransom Video

The Goat Ransom Video

Goat's first appearance, where he is kidnapped and help for ransom by "Canadian Terrorists"

  • The 40gb hard drive mentioned in this video eventually found its way to an owner on Day 267.
  • The cavity mentioned in today's vlog is filled twelve days later on Day 20