I've Been Waiting On This Letter For Three Years (Day 573 - 6 20 11)

I've Been Waiting On This Letter For Three Years (Day 573 - 6 20 11)

I've Been Waiting On This Letter For Three Years (Day 573)
Date: June 20th, 2011
Running Time: 5:26

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  • Tanger Outlet Shopping Center
  • Stephen's House

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Stephen, Mallory, and his parents are out and about searching for a suit for Stephen and Mallory's upcoming wedding. He goes on to explain that Mallory has gotten two interviews at a school in Chattanooga, Tennessee and a school in Columbia, South Carolina. Chattanooga is eight hours away and Columbia is about three hours away.

Later, Stephen gets letter from Charlotte in New Jersey. He has waited nearly three years to the day for this letter to arrive.

Three years ago Stephen was on a plane headed to Wisconsin to meet Mallory in person for the first time. On his flight from Charlotte to Detroit he sat next to a woman name Charlotte. This was his first time flying alone and he was a little nervous and they talked the entire time. He told her the story about how he met a wonderful girl a few months back and how he was on his way to meet her in person finally and stay with her for a week. They talked the entire flight and she gave him her address as they got off of the plane and says "You have to let me know how this turns out." Stephen agrees to this. When he returned, he took one of the pictures himself and Mallory and wrote a handwritten letter on the back to Charlotte. He finally received a reply on this day.

The LetterEdit

Dear Stephen, this is Charlotte.
We met on the plane to Detroit. I'm interested to know how you're doing. Did you ever get married? I'm interested in knowing. I was telling my friend about our plane ride together. She said that you were probably married and had a couple of children. A lot has happened to myself. My husband died May of last year. He was very sick and wanted to die. My children stopped talking to me, long story, I will never talk to them again. My husband's grandchildren have taken me to court, also a long story, but everything is over now, I don't talk to my children, or his grandchildren. I enjoyed that flight with you very much, your first plane ride is always scary. I enjoyed talking to you very much. The picture is very cute of the both of you. You do make a cute couple.
Sincerely, Charlotte
P.S. Hope you still understand who I am, hope to hear from you.

Stephen expresses his surprise at the time it took to reply to his initial letter. Of course, he also explains that a lot has happened to her, and how that would make her wonder how they were doing. Although he and Mal do not children yet, they are on the road to marriage. He decides to write a reply to the letter.

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  • Stephen: "I've been waiting on this letter for three years. It's really cool."

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  • This is one of the only vlogs to have a fade-out.