I AM DAN (Day 49 - 1 12 10)

I AM DAN (Day 49 - 1 12 10)

I AM DAN (Day 49 - 1/12/10)
Date: January 12th, 2010
Running Time: 6:17

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  • Stephen's Dorm at SCAD


The vlog begins with Stephen looking in the fridge and commenting that there is no milk, which also means no cereal. He is later looking at YouTube and notices he has 100 subscribers and responds by saying it is "neat".

Stephen begins to explain that a long running prank is coming to an end today. During the previous quarter Dan's iMac stopped working so Stephen let him borrow his MacBook for about a week. When Stephen returned home from break he was using his MacBook and noticed Dan's information was still on the computer. Stephen didn't "go snooping around" but wanted to play a joke on Dan. One of the things Stephen had access to was Dan's Instant Messenger account. So he decided to send messages to Alex every night for roughly four weeks always using the following pattern:

  • Dan: I AM DAN
  • Dan: [sentence relating to Taco Bell in some way]

Stephen sends Alex one more group of messages from Dan's IM account.

The scene then cuts to Stephen hiding in the bathroom right outside Dan's room as Alex goes up to Dan's door asking if he wants to go to Taco Bell. Dan gets excited and gets ready to leave until Alex tells him he was kidding. Stephen goes into Alex's room as Alex gives Stephen advice not to hold his camera right in his face while vlogging. Stephen asks Alex if they are going to Taco Bell, and Alex explains that he got another of Dan's "Taco Bell-I AM DAN" messages. Stephen tells Alex that he was not getting the messages at all. The two go to over to Dan and interrogate him about the messages sent to Alex, and Dan is confused by the question and doesn't know what they are talking about.

The three go into Alex's room and view the logs of the messages Alex had saved, including one where after the three main messages Alex asked Dan how many time he has eaten Taco Bell leading to a Dan-like conversation about fast food which is the only one Dan says he remembers. Alex reads the times the messages were sent and Dan claims he was up that late but he remembers what he did. As the conversation continued Dan looks at Stephen seeming to have figured out that Stephen was behind it all.

Alex and Dan seem to be aware that Stephen was the one who sent all the messages. Alex claims the first time he received one those types of messages he immediately thought "That couldn't be Dan, that sounds a lot like Stephen". Dan explains that that was why he has no idea what Stephen and Alex were talking about. Stephen explains to Dan and Alex that he wanted to play a joke on Dan, but didn't want to do something too mean.


  • The title of this vlog comes from Stephen pranking Alex by using Dan's IM account to message Alex the phrase, I AM DAN.
  • This vlog is a fan favorite and several of the quotes in this vlog are used throughout future vlog days.
  • the phrase "I AM DAN" originally said by Stephen through Dan's IM account later becomes somewhat of a catchphrase for Dan.
  • This is the first time on the vlog where Dan gets pranked; he also gets pranked on days 319 and 448


  • Alex: "Dan, you want to go to Taco Bell?"
    • Dan: "Yeah!"
  • Alex: I think every time he does this he reads the wikipedia page for Taco Bell in full."
  • Stephen: "Do you have a Dan IM client that says 'I am Dan' every time you send messages?"
  • Alex (reading off of his Instant messenger): "1962 was a long time ago."