I Appreciate Haircuts • 6.18

I Appreciate Haircuts • 6.18.16

I Appreciate Haircuts • 6.18.16
Date: June 18th, 2016
Running Time: 6:03

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  • Georg house
  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen gets a haircut. Time for another...

Haircut Haiku!Edit

If your hair is big,
You might need more than scissors,
Like... a lawnmower.

Stephen gets a night sky-style shirt for himself Mal. He also gets (but doesn't yet show off) an incredibly gaudy shirt that reminds him of Dragon Ball Z.

On another note, Debra recently found some old disposable cameras at the Georg house, so Stephen and Mal will take those to get developed some time in the future.

Stephen ends the vlog by showing off Mal's new painting of Whispy Woods for MalMakes.

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