I Hope It Punches Me In The Face (Day 54 - 1 17 10)-0

I Hope It Punches Me In The Face (Day 54 - 1 17 10)-0

I Hope It Punches Me In The Face (Day 54 - 1/17/10)
Date: January 17th, 2010
Running Time: 2:15

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's Car
  • A movie theater

Summary Edit

It begins with Stephen, Taylor, and Dan in the car, about to pick up Nick to see Avatar. Stephen doesn't really want to see it, because he saw the trailer and thought it looked awful. But, he'd heard good things about, especially it's 3D effects. Nick has already seen it twice. Stephen says he hopes it "punches him in the face", alluding to the 3D.

We see what appears to be a very quick clip of the film in the theater. Just long enough to tell what it is, but not long enough to constitute piracy.

After the movie, Stephen asks Dan and Taylor what they thought of it. Taylor (who apparently is just a fan of James Cameron in general) likes it, while Dan thought it was overhyped. He got the impression from what people told him about it that seeing Avatar would change his life, to which Stephen replies that those people had not seen Shawshank Redemption. Stephen liked it. He gave it an "A.", but "not Shawshank Redemption A".

Nick, after seeing it for the third time, says he wants to go home and download it to watch it again. Covering his butt, Stephen says that he "didn't hear that".


  • The vlog title: Stephen was talking about the movie, and it's 3D effects. People had been telling him that it was as if the people in 3D punch you in the face, so he hoped that it lived up to that hype.