I Might Have To Poop Tomorrow (Day 51 - 1 14 10)

I Might Have To Poop Tomorrow (Day 51 - 1 14 10)

I Might Have To Poop Tomorrow (Day 51 - 1/14/10)
Date: January 14th, 2010
Running Time: 2:10

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  • Stephen's Dorm

Summary Edit

Dan is sitting in the hall playing a riff from Smoke on the Water. Dan suggests that he and Stephen buy a baby doll, chop it up and put it in Alex, and Taylor's shower. Stephen reminds Dan that they had a baby doll and Alex stabbed it. Later, Alex is telling stephen he doesn't think they should play Magic right now or go to Wal-Mart tomorrow because it is possible he might have to poop.

Later Alex offers Stephen an orange, but Stephen refuses, so Alex eats it. Dan suggest they write a song. Alex responds questioning that they were making another song or actually writing one as opposed to improvising. The three remember when they made a band called Knot Puppies. Alex takes one of Dan's Q-tips, but then puts it back deciding he didn't want it. The video ends with Dan playing guitar and singing a quick Stephenvlog song

Notes Edit

  • The title of this vlog comes from Alex not wanting to go to walmart the next day because he might have to poop.
  • Knot Puppies is a band formed by Stephen, Alex, Dan, and Taylor when the four were taking a psychology class, and were told to creatively bring art and psychology together, which they interpreted as make a song. The song they made wasn't worth turning in, but they continued to make music as a band named the Knot Puppies. They had two completely improvised albums and one unfinshed album. Today, the Knot Puppies website and all the music was taken down, and very few people have any of the songs.

Quotes Edit

  • Alex: I don't know if we should play magic right now.
    • Stephen: why?
    • Alex: I get the feeling I'm gonna be, uh, otherwise in dispose, with a regard to my, uh, I might have to poop.
    • Stephen: Oh. Well we were gonna go to Wal-Mart, but I may have a bowel movement, so uh, We're just gonna stay here forever.
    • Alex: Are you guys talking about Wal-Mart now?
    • Stephen: no, we're going to Wal-Mart tomorrow.
    • Alex: Tomorrow. Well Imight have to poop tomorrow, so...
  • Dan: We should write a song.
    • Alex: Again, or do you mean actually write this time?