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Stephen, Mallory, Masae and Emile have some fun at the arcade, before heading back home to play Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

They're in the final stages of the game and Stephen needs to kill Emile (who is possessed by Crimson Jack) by rolling higher than him to win the game. He's all alone, and his character is a 12-year-old boy who shouldn't have come up to Jersey. But somehow, Stephen succeeds!

Later, Emile is given another chance to end the vlog and he ends it off incorrectly once again, but in the best way possible.


  • "Emile, you have one final chance... to redeem yourself." - Stephen
    • "Is it that time already?" - Emile
    • "It's that time. This is our final night here. This is your last chance to give it the gas and sign it off correctly for the first time in... ever? I'm sure you remember. It starts with 'Let's', and then it's got like some other words in it. Can you remember?" - Stephen
    • "LET'S ALL HUG!!" - Emile