I Will Die By You (Day 890 - 5 2 12)

I Will Die By You (Day 890 - 5 2 12)

I Will Die By You (Day 890 - 5/2/12)
Date: May 2nd, 2012
Running Time: 9:59

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  • Stephen's apartment
  • Taiwanese Middle School


Stephen returns to talk to the students Taiwanese Middle School. He played a guessing game, using words suggested by Stephenites, where the students asked him questions and tried to figure out the word he was thinking of so that they could practice their English. Stephen also announces that Alex, Dan, Mallory, and himself are going to PAX Prime, but the 3-day passes have sold out.


  • This is the second time that Stephen has had a video chat with Taiwanese students; the first time was on Day 701. The first time Stephen did this it was for a teacher named Simon who studied in the University of South Carolina, had seen Stephen's vlog, and asked Stephen to talk to his students.