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Today, Stephen starts the Vlog by saying he changed the lighting (of his face) for Morning Mario. He wasn't super happy with how the first week of Morning Mario went, he wanted to change some things to make it a bit better. He doesn't think it's perfect, but it's a step in the right direction.

This was the first time he got to play user-submitted levels. When Morning Mario first started, users couldn't rate levels for a while, since Stephen used a Google Form for viewers to submit levels. He goes to reiterate that "if your level is played, it's good!" and to not worry about the total number of plays the level has.

He says to tune in tomorrow, because Thomas is going to be in town for a little bit. Dan will be returning from his trip to Jacksonville to see his family.

The Vlog ends with (presumably) two fans saying "Let's meet back tomorrow, shall we?"

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