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This Vlog begins by Stephen saying that NotDavidLynch gifted Stephen a "They Might Be Giants" Instant Fan Club (hence, the vlog title). It is a club for They Might Be Giants hosted by They Might Be Giants. Stephen was a part of it in 2017. He got a "terrible shirt, that's like orange with purple on it." He goes on it for a few minutes, before mentioning he got a package and then proceed to open it.

Here's what was in the package:

  • Instant Fan Club Bag
  • A Certificate of Thank You with John Linnell’s band photo
  • Certifated TMBG Oath Cards

Here's the oath:

As a They Might Be Giants fan club member, I solemnly swear will respect and honor the club. I'm a willing participant in this experiment in Human Happiness. I will not reveal the secrets of the IFC to friends, real or imagined and understand any violation of my oath voids my membership. When asked about the instant fan club, I shall reply "Oh, I don't know. You must be thinking of some other band."

  • IFC Patch
  • A YouMustBeThinkingOfSomeOtherBand bumper sticker
  • The Escape Team Comic
  • The Escape Team Calendar
  • A signed copy of "I Like Fun" by Linnell and Flansburgh
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • IFC T-Shirt

Stephen gives a special thanks to NotDavidLynch. Stephen talks about TMBG for a couple more minutes and then ends the Vlog.

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