It's All Coming Together! • 12.1

It's All Coming Together! • 12.1.16

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  • Stephen and Mal's House


Stephen and Mal have been getting a lot of work done while still settling in to their new home. He also comments on how fast the year has gone by for him, saying it's the first day of December.

After buying a cart for Mal's art supplies, they moved the chair that were previously filling role to the kitchen table. They also set up one of five bookcases for storing games. The games are in no specific order due to only one being up.

Stephen then discusses how busy he is and what he is doing with his new laptop.

Finally, Stephen and Mallory will be visiting Emile at the same time as Tim, Jon, and Masae. Stephen mentions it will be a short visit due to being busy. Also, Alex and Hayley will be visiting near the end of December!

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