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Stephen begins the vlog back in the Airbnb in Shinagawa, explaining that they were planning to head to the Nintendo headquarters today, but it was raining, so they headed back. He then took a nap and had curry with Chaz, Jeff, and Mallory. Dan and Lindsey had tried Domino's Pizza and said it was better than Domino's Pizza in America.

It rained all day, so mostly everyone decided not to do much, though Chaz visited Ikebukuro and Alex and Hayley visited the Pokémon Center DX in Tokyo.

The group tries some snacks that Chaz got from the ryokan's gift shop, including "nut cookies", red bean manju, and Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory strawberry milk tea cookies from Lindsey. Tomorrow, they plan to head to the Ghibli Museum, a sake tasting, and Nakano Broadway if they have time.

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