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It's time for Stephen, Mal, Debra, and Steve to head back to Myrtle Beach! It's been great to spend time with Emile, but the brunt of the storm has passed, and now they have a good window of time to get back, so they decided to leave today. Unfortunately, there's a lot of rain and flooding back home, so many roads are closed and many roads are not in ideal conditions.

While travelling back home, Kepler ended up peeing in the car, so they have to pull over at a rest area to clean that up. Because of this, combined with how wet the roads are, it took them 9 hours to get back home, compared to the normal 5.5 hours. But, this is better than it could have been, as they would not have reasonably made it home if they left even a half hour later. It was a super stressful drive, but everyone got back home safely, so they can rest easy.