January 2017 • VlogMail - "Salty Black Licorice"

January 2017 • VlogMail - "Salty Black Licorice"

Date: April 10th, 2017
Running Time: 29:45

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Senders Content
Sydney (Featured Letter)
YouTube: Smile936
  • Letter
  • Chulip painting with Stephen as CHU and Mal as HER
North York, ON
  • Letter
  • A drawing of Y Juz
Dudley, NC
YouTube: 5 Random Guys
  • Letter
  • Fool Moon, Grave Peril and Storm Front (books from The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher)
Londonderry, OH
  • Letter
  • Let's Play RPG board game (made by Steven)
  • Letter
  • 2017 wall calendar with cat pictures
  • Cat toys for Sagan and Kepler
  • Finnish candies
    • Apteekin Salmiakki (salted licorice)
    • Pihlaja (fox candy or marmalade candy)
    • Chocolate-covered cranberries
    • Geisha (hazelnut) chocolate bar
    • Karl Fazer chocolate bar
    • Moomin candies


  • This Mail month's video is glitchy because the SD card reader on his laptop didn't have enough power, as he shares in Day 2668's vlog.
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