Jeff is a friend of Stephen and most often seen alongside his husband Chaz. He has co-hosted Cheffcon (Chaz-and-Jeff-con) numerous times at their home in Muncie, IN.


Jeff (right) on Day 2345.

He is an appreciator of coffee, going so far as to devise is own contraption to roast coffee beans at home, speaking at length on the process on the vlog.

In addition, he is well-versed in technology and computer hardware skills, such that Stephen often goes to him for advice. He has also helped to convert Mal's former Hackintosh into a dedicated Windows machine, swapping out the antiquated GPU in the process. In addition, he helped give Dan a new PC to assist him with editing videos for Stephen.

He is a fellow cat lover, owning three cats: Elspeth, Venser, and Koth. All of their names are references to Magic: the Gathering.

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