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Stephen and Mallory are with Dan and Lindsey at the house, after eating lunch at McAlister's and going to Costco to get some food for Cheffcon next week.

They spend some time with the kitties and Dan asks if they have ever called the cats by their first name, or technically the first name of the astronomers they are named for. Stephen starts calling Sagan Carl while Kepler becomes Johannes!

Many hours later, Stephen and Mal are still in the process of clearing out their freezer, so they cook up some cheesy hamburger patties to make some burgers for dinner.


  • "(singing) Baby it's cold inside!" - Stephen (as he takes out a bag of frozen beef from a freezer at Costco)


  • Stephen mentioned in yesterday's vlog that they are getting food so early is to make sure they have enough food for Cheffcon, because there is a solar eclipse happening next week which will likely attract hordes of tourists.
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