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Stephen and Mallory take Alex and Hayley to International Kitchen to have some authentic Polish food. Alex has the pickle soup and it instantly becomes one of his favorite soups.

Later, they record a Mario Party board, after which Alex pretends to be Johnson McKnockers investigating Stephen for 'working' Hayley to exhaustion by making her play video games with them.

Dan joins them for a Waffle House dinner, which is good except they messed up Stephen's order and gave him too many hash browns and all the toppings. Also, Dan criticizes Stephen's waffle cutting technique because he doesn't cut along the lines (and neither does Mal).

Back home, Stephen shares a funny story of how Dan accidentally told the Waffle House staff that he was the only one who didn't enjoy his food, because he misheard her question.


  • "Hello, Mr Georg. I am Officer Johnson from the IRS Department of Knocking on Your Door. This 'video game' thing... is that work, for tax purposes?" - Alex
    • "Yes, IRS Officer Knock Johnson- Johnson McKnockers." - Stephen
  • "Remember kids, if you think you're strong enough, you're not. Don't try." - Alex
    • "No one's strong enough for the power of acrylic paint." - Stephen