Kaboom! Sparkle! (Day 956 - 7 7 12)

Kaboom! Sparkle! (Day 956 - 7 7 12)

Kaboom! Sparkle! (Day 956 - 7/7/12)
Date: July 7th, 2012
Running Time: 15:13

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  • Stephen's car
  • Perkins
  • Rhonda's house
  • Reception Hall


Stephen, Mallory, and Karley eat at Perkins and then Mark and Rhonda are married. Some of the wedding guests take pictures in props and Karley films all the food that is available at the reception hall. Afterwards, Stephen and Mallory bring a drunk Karley back home as some fireworks go off.


  • Where the logo for StephenVlog usually is, the word "KarleyVlog" was used instead.
  • The first KarleyVlog was Day 395.
  • The first Vlog that ended with backwards footage of Karley eating was Day 275.
  • The tags of this Vlog day are "perhaps maybe slightly intoxicated".


  • Karley: "I was s*** s***balls!"
    • Stephen: "What?"