Kinda Dangerous To Drive At 170 (Day 32 - 12 26 09)

Kinda Dangerous To Drive At 170 (Day 32 - 12 26 09)

Kinda Dangerous To Drive At 170 (Day 32)
Date: December 26rd, 2009
Running Time: 5:10

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  • Stephen's House
  • Burro Loco
  • Mall

Summary Edit

This Boxing Day vlog begins with Stephen saying that he's going out to eat that night. Right now, Jarrett and Austin are over, and (along with Mallory) they're going to play a two on two Magic game.

Later in the car (on the way to dinner), Stephen tells us that he and Mallory (who were on one team) haven't been doing so well. They lost the first two matches, and they're in the middle of a third, which is not going so well. They've postponed the remainder of the game for dinner. They're actually running a bit late, as they told everyone they'd be at the restaurant at 6:30 PM, and it's now 6:47 PM. His reservations were for 6:45PM, so they're not that late, but it's going to take them another ten minutes to get there, so they're still going to be a bit late.

They make it to Burro Loco. Everyone else had already arrived, but everything's okay. Some of Stephen's friends say hello to the camera, and then Stephen hands the camera to someone else so that they can film him putting on a big fake moustache.

After dinner, Stephen and a few of the others go to the mall. Stephen gets on a coin-operated kiddie ride. Mallory films for him while a friend puts the money in. Stephen wants to know where the controls for the lasers and force field are. The ride starts. There are flashing lights on the front, which the rider can apparently control to some degree. Concerned parents, a curious child, and other mall goers look on as the tall young man, who can't even fit his legs inside the ride, makes a complete fool of himself. Stephen mentions that the speedometer of the vehicle (which resembles a Batmobile, only silver) isn't changing. This is presumably because the speedometer is only a decal. Stephen comments that driving at 170 MPH (presumably what the gauge is "stuck at), is dangerous.

Back home, Stephen tells us that the group went to Wal-Mart after the mall, and got some Magic cards. Austin got a Mythic. Mallory got one in both of the packs she bought. Stephen jokes that Mallory is buying all of his cards from now on.

Later, Stephen recounts that they played Magic until about 1:30AM. They're going to play Left 4 Dead for a bit before going to bed, because it has to go back to Blockbuster by noon the next day. He tells us that because it's the winter holiday season, and he's with Mallory, vlogs are probably going to be uploaded a bit later than usual.

Notes Edit

  • The title of this vlog comes from the fact that Stephen thinks that it is dangerous to drive at 170 MPH (it is)