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Stephen and Mallory visit the old Nintendo building in Kyoto on the way to their hotel in Kyoto. Stephen gives a tour of the hotel room and mentions that Lindsey has joined Alex and Hayley in Osaka.

Chaz and Jeff have headed to Nara, stopping to try fresh mochi. They visit Todaiji Temple (one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world!), seeing lots of deer on the way.

Stephen and Mal go to Tobichi, Shigesato Itoi's store, which they had visited at another location in Tokyo during their other trip. Mal shows off her Earthbound-themed planner cover, pencil board, and belly warmer, along with a photobook of Itoi's dog. They also head to a video game store in the area.

Dan stays at the Airbnb to rest and says that he will be having dinner with Chaz and Jeff when they return.

Stephen and Mal eat at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant and walk through Pontocho, an alley lined with a large variety of restaurants. Returning to their hotel room, Stephen talks about how exhausted he is and the recklessness of taxi drivers in the area. They will be visiting historical sites in Kyoto tomorrow.

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