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Stephen and Mal start off the vlog by heading out to get lunch at Chick-fil-A, but not before observing a little red bug with blue eyes.

Many hours later, there is a bird in the house. It flies all over the place and into many things as Stephen and Mal attempt to capture it so they can release it outside. Stephen, in particular, gets really desperate and really wants the bird to leave. Eventually, when it gets close to the front door, they open the door so the bird can fly out on its own.

It turns out the bird managed to get in the house because it was trying to nest in a fall-themed wreath that hangs hung on their front door that Mal bought a week ago. The wreath is promptly removed and brought inside, so no more birds can enter.

Anyway, they can now eat dinner in peace. On the menu today is creole, crab and corn chowder. It's pretty good!