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Let Christmas Commence! (Day 1487 - 12 20 13)

Let Christmas Commence! (Day 1487 - 12 20 13)

Let Christmas Commence! (Day 1487 - 12/20/13)
Date: December 20th, 2013
Running Time: 15:51



  • Stephen's parents' house


It's the 2013 Christmas vlog with Stephen's family! They're celebrating it a bit early this year because Stephen and Mal are heading to Wisconsin for Christmas. They use a laser pointer to play with the cats for a while, then open a bunch of presents. Highlights include a Keurig single-serve coffee maker, a new pizza stone, personalized double-walled tumbler mugs from Chaz and Jeff, a Mother 2 iPhone cover for Stephen, and a heart-shaped Pandora charm for Mal. Stephen surprises his parents with a new TV! They finish off the evening with shortbread cookies and cannoli.


  • (Stephen brings the TV, wrapped, into the living room)
    • Stephen: "Merry Christmas! I don't know what it could be! We got you guys a baking stone too."
    • Debra: "You guys were never meant to do anything!"
    • Stephen: "I forgot, sorry. Just open it!"