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They are having the same fajitas they had on Day 3733 for lunch. They also both tried the Georgia Peach Coca-Cola they got from Walmart. Stephen says that it tasted fine, but he was unable to taste any peach flavor. On the other hand, Mallory says that it tasted like biting into a peach. She says that it tasted like peaches in the beginning and by the end it just tasted like regular Coca-Cola. Stephen says that it just tastes like regular Coca-Cola to him.

Stephen has been eating the pretzel pop-tarts they also got from Walmart. Mal didn't want to eat any more of them, so she told Stephen to finish them. Stephen says that the pretzel pop-tarts are alright, but he would prefer if they were crunchy. He says that he prefers the regular cinnamon sugar pop-tarts to the pretzel ones. Stephen hasn't had pop-tarts in a long time, and probably won't get the regular ones after finishing the pretzel ones. He talks about how he has enjoyed the pretzel pop-tarts more than he thought he would especially with a hot cup of black coffee.

Then, he talks about how there are various desserts that are considered breakfast foods. For example, pancakes are considered a breakfast food but they are also a dessert. He says that pop-tarts are basically a danish and danishes are considered a breakfast food. Additionally, doughnuts can also be eaten for breakfast and they are considered desserts. Then, he talks about how today was game night and that they recorded a few things.

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