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Kepler starts off the vlog on Stephen's lap, but soon jumps off to circle Stephen's chair like a vulture.

Tthe cats do this quite a lot if they want attention or food. It's a nuisance because they want attention, and if they don't get attention, sometimes they accidentally turn off Stephen's power supply by stepping on it.

In other news, Stephen released a mail video today and is working on the next one, which has something to do with Senator Ted Stevens. He's decided to release mail videos as quickly as possible, so that he can focus on releasing the Old Timeline.

Also, it looks like August is going to be a busy month since he and Mal will be away for 2018 Southeast Game Exchange from August 18th to 19th and then Dan will be away immediately after that.

Stephen also talks about Fallout 4, which is ending soon. He's looking forward to it ending, so that he can get back some free time from that project.