Lips Face Is Numb (Day 20 - 12 14 09)

Lips Face Is Numb (Day 20 - 12 14 09)

Lips Face Is Numb (Day 20 - 12/14/09)
Date: December 14th, 2009
Running Time: 7:03

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Locations Edit

  • Stephen's House
  • Stephen's Car
  • The dentist's Parking Lot

Summary Edit

The opening shot is of Stephen turning the camera to himself while driving his car. It's early morning, as Stephen says, "I have not woken up this early in a long time." His destination today is over to Conway where his old high school is in order to teach a beginners course on Photoshop with Adobe Photoshop Elements 4, which he comments is an out of date software, at his old high school.

Stephen returns to the car after teaching class, being unable to film anything due to being busy, "There's just a lot to teach in 50 minutes." He will return on Thursday to help some more with the students. After attempting to eat with Jarrett really fast (this attempt failed) he had to go home so he could make it to the dentist to get a cavity filled that was discovered on Day 8.

While at the dentist Stephen had to park next to somebody who parked too close to the line. The next shot is Stephen back in his car a fourth time after the visit with the dentist. He managed to get his cavity successfully filled, but his mouth is still numb from the treatment, so hilarity in his speech ensues.

The very next shot is of Rocko standing on his hind legs pawing at the camera. Stephen's Christmas presents have arrived, one being a tripod (The Velbon DV7000) and the other being a wide angle lens (The Raynox 6600 Pro). He then goes through and shows the new set up for his more advanced camera. He unfortunately just took it out to see if it worked and must box them back up to be reopened on Christmas day.

The next shot is of Stephen sitting at his desk where he begins to explain that he has been mainly working on the Nutcracker DVD. The project is complete but needs to be put to DVD. He is using DVD Studio 7 Pro, and explains that he likes it much more than the other DVD authoring programs he has used in the past such as Encore and the DVD program included with Sony Vegas.

Tomorrow he is going to Willmington, and on Wednesday he is going to have lunch with his senior class. Austin and Jeremy are going to return late Wednesday night, delaying the opening of the booster box until possibly next week. Thursday he is going to do the follow up questionnaire from 2-3.

In the end he proclaims that at ten minutes until midnight he has successfully burned the final copy of The Nutcracker performance. All is subject to change as disclaimed at the end of the vlog.

Notes Edit

  • The cavity mentioned in today's vlog was discovered on Day 8.
  • The title of this vlog comes from Stephen saying that his "Lips Face Is Numb," after having a cavity filled.

Quotes Edit

  • "This side of my lips face is numb, but that's okay because I got the cavity taken care of. So I'm very glad I got it taken care of. Very glad." ~Stephen