Throughout Fallout 4, Stephen has acquired various partners to accompany him on his journey through the game.

Each of them are raised to the highest affinity, such that Stephen has acquired their perk. Afterward, they're given a Hard Hat, and sent to Sanctuary.

After all have been "accomplished", he plans to trade out companions through the rest of the LP.

​List of Companions - Joins partyEdit

*Doesn't complete the 1st time
**Created himself

***Deceased in the canon timeline


Stephen revealed in a tweet that Wylma Lorrie is an anagram of "Mallory" and her maiden name "Weir".

Likewise, the Nora episodes included Dogmeat with other names, each being an anagram for a different word or phrase: Frosty Exhale - Alex Forsythe, Delta Ghost - Stealth Dog, Gonad Sushi - Shaun is God.

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