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Today on The Lunch BunchStephen and Mal meet up with Roland and Nikki. They talk about their plans for the 4th of July. Nikki doesn't have any plans, nor did she realize the 4th was does Roland.

After that, they pick up some groceries and find themselves driving home in a lightning storm. They mention that their roof might leak as they mentioned that in a previous vlog. Stephen and Mal have message their rental company every week for about a month.

Now, Stephen talks about the day's been stressful and briefly mentions how they didn't lose any power. Stephen and Mal tried to do a custom Smash video again with Tom Fawkes. Tom ran into some problems with his levels, probably because a bug in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He had everything ready, but then something happened and the game refused to load items. He started to remove elements, but unfortunately the level never loaded, forcing him to remake the stage from scratch. It took a while, but the stage was remade. Then, Stephen ran into some problems with his internet, which is a problem that Stephen has noticed in his office. He hasn't really had WiFi in their new house, which is crazy, since their router is pretty much in that same room.

They've got something called the Orbi Mesh Network, which is basically routers throughout the house. The Internet has been fine everywhere except for the 2nd floor, where the office is. The Orbi has a debug page, allowing the user to do some really crazy stuff. Stephen had been having some problems with the device a few weeks ago and he changed some of that crazy stuff. It seemed to help, but then Stephen realized there was another way to set up the device. So, tonight in frustration of trying to get things working again, he just factory reset the Orbi. When the Orbi works, it's great, but when it doesn't, you're in the dark for how to fix it. He thinks that going back to the way it's supposed to work will help. By default, the Orbi makes the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz connections keep the same SSID. The Orbi does some crazy mumbo jumbo to make everything function correctly with one SSID. He wants to set up 2, so then they're separate and have separate names. He did that, and for a while it worked, but tonight they had extreme issues. He's going to let it do its thing. The Apple TV was the device causing these issues. Stephen later realized he could fix all his problems just by using Ethernet because the satellites have Ethernet ports. So, he plugged it into a satellite and now it just works. Stephen spent about 90 minutes troubleshooting everything. He's trying to have it not keep him down. He's been working on the vlogs getting caught up.

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