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Luigi's Parkinsons (Day 60 - 1 23 10)

Luigi's Parkinsons (Day 60 - 1 23 10)

Date: January 23, 2010 Running Time: 9:40

People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's car
  • A parking garage
  • Sam's Club
  • Outside Nick's dorm
  • The dorm's common room.

Summary Edit

It begins with a closeup of the clock on the dashboard of Stephen's clock, which reads 12:50 PM.

Stephen, on his way to meet with his documentary assignment group, explains that 12:50 PM is early for him. He says that it'll probably take him about ten minutes to get to his destination, which means he should be right on time if he can find parking.

Stephen tells us that this lunchtime meeting kind of throws off the weekly trip to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club he makes with his roommates and Nick on Saturday afternoons to get groceries and eat at the snack bar at Sam's Club, but that they're still going after the meeting.

Stephen has arrived, but he can't find parking. He jokes that there isn't any anywhere in the city. He has no choice but to use a parking garage, which will cost him $4.

The meeting is not filmed, but a stock picture of the restaurant where it took place (Kayake Kafe) is seen, along with Nazi Grocery Store by the Knot Puppies.

Later, Stephen is back in the car, this time with Alex, Dan, Taylor, and Nick. Dan's filming for Stephen while he drives. Alex comments that this is the same video that Stephen uploads every Saturday. He goes on to say that not every day of Stephen's life is that interesting, and so many of the Vlogs are boring. Stephen agrees, but that it's getting better. Alex suggests doing every other day, to which Stephen responds he might combine days.

The conversation shifts to Kayak Kafe, where Stephen had the meeting. He asks the others if they've been there, and says that he thought it was good, but a bit overpriced. The portions were so small that Stephen finished his sandwich before everyone else finished their meal, and so he sucked on the pickle that came with his sandwich for the rest of the meeting. Dan makes a "that's what she said" joke, to which Nick replies that he's never met a girl who said that. Stephen jokes that Dan just knows a lot of interesting women.

Alex starts talking about Starbucks, which he recently visited for the first time. He comments on the name of their smallest size cup, "Tall", which is wider than it's tall, small, and overpriced.

At Sam's Club, the group has already eaten. Stephen went into the bathroom, where somebody broke "urinal etiquette" by using the one right next to the one he was using, even though there was one in the middle. Alex jokingly asked Stephen if he got the camera out to document it.

In the next shot, the group drops off Nick, and head back to their own dorm, singing along to "Mr. Blue Sky" on the way.

Back at the dorm, Alex is wearing a Tide laundry detergent box on his shoulders. Stephen calls him a "Tide Robot" and says this could be a commercial.

Stephen explains that Alex and Taylor are taking a game design class, and they've been given an assignment for it where they have to analyze a game and write a paper on it. Stephen played Magic with Alex the other night, and now everybody is going to play Monopoly together for Alex's paper. Specifically, they're going to play the Nintendo Edition of the game.

Alex eventually won the game. There's a "where they are now" bit like you see in some movies at the end that says:

"Alex finished the game with all of the property unmortgaged and still had $1900 to spare.

He later sold the property and used the money to become Tideman, the laundry detergent superhero.

He's currently wanted for tax evasion."


  • This is one of many vlogs that were edited after release
  • The title: upon depositing $75 into the Treasure Chest, Alex wonders where that money actually goes, if it's to a charity or something. Stephen says that it is for a charity, that the money goes to (treating) "Luigi's Parkinson's" (disease).
  • On this day, Alex coined the term "white undershirt day" for vlogs that aren't very interesting. They're referred to as such because they usually involve sitting at his desk in an undershirt talking about what happened that day.
  • This day references the song A Total Eclipse of the Heart twice. In both cases, they were specifically referencing the "turn around" part of the lyrics: once by Stephen who had to turn the car around after dropping off Nick, and again by Dan, who did it after Stephen talked about how their game of Monopoly could still turn around in his favor. It also references Day 47 when they sang "A Total Eclipse of the Heart" together.

Quotes Edit

  • "Now most of your videos are you, like, in an undershirt, sitting at your computer with a headset on, being like (monotonously) 'Well... here's what happened today... Shawna said my butt looked fat, but she's a biiitch..." -Alex, on the current state of Stephen's vlog.