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Stephen woke up confused and didn't know where he was. He was gone for so long that he wasn't used to sleeping in his own room.

Anyway, today he and Mallory will preparing 15 slow-cooker meals for the next week or so, so they can just have meals ready to be cooked and not have to stop working in order to make food. They're going to need a whole lot of food from Costco.

Back home, Stephen shares how he and Mal approach shopping: instead of buying various foods and deciding what to make later, they only buy the food they need to make meals they've planned out in advance.

They spent $181 on their meal prep in total, which means that they spent roughly $3 per meal for each of them, including any leftover meal.

Mal gets started on preparing and freezing the meals, while Stephen gets to work. Several hours later, Stephen gets everything done, and meal prep is just about done!


  • Mallory found the recipes for the meal prep on Imgur.