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Stephen and Mallory recently took a trip up to Canada for Make-A-Wish. They spend today reflecting on the trip and talking about some behind-the-scenes info that wasn't on the original vlog.

Back in May, Stephen got an email from the Make-A-Wish Foundation asking if he and Mal could come to Vancouver to play Super Smash Bros. with Ayrielle, a girl with a congenital heart disease. A month and a half later, they had arrangements to fly up in June! It just so happened that the day before they were supposed to arrive in Vancouver, Mal was scheduled to be in Wisconsin, not Myrtle Beach. So Make-A-Wish offered to fly Stephen and Mal to Vancouver separately, then fly them both back to Myrtle Beach.

Everyone at the Foundation was incredibly positive and enthusiastic about Ayrielle and her wish. Ayrielle's hotel room was completely decked out in EarthBound art and posters, a series that she loves. The game room was also filled with decorations and Reese's candy - Ayrielle's favorite! She and her parents were kind, wonderful, down-to-earth people.

The typical time alloted for "celebrity" wishes (the category that Stephen and Mal fall under) is only two hours. But they figured that two hours was far too short - the ended up playing video games for a total of 5 hours, then took a tour of EA's offices.

This experience with Make-A-Wish was incredible. If Stephen and Mal receive another wish in the future, they will be sure to take it.


  • "I'll keep that bucket forever." - Stephen (referring to one of the buckets of candy Make-A-Wish prepared for the day)