Mal Resigned • 8.17

Mal Resigned • 8.17.16

Mal Resigned • 8.17.16
Date: August 17th, 2016
Running Time: 20:43

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Mal has resigned from her high school art teaching position, and will not be returning to her job this coming school term. This probably comes as a surprise to everyone, but it's important to understand why she ultimately made the decision to resign.

Mal struggled a lot at her job: she was threatened by students multiple times, ridiculed constantly, and received little to no help from administration. The stress and anxiety from the job bled into her everyday life as well. Stephen's major concern was that, should Mal continue working in this environment, she would no longer want to teach again.

Making the decision to leave her "real", stable job was not easy. From a financial standpoint, Stephen's income from doing YouTube full-time fluctuates all the time. For Mal, the hardest part of leaving was not being able to see the students with whom she got along very well.

But since making that decision, Mal has essentially become a completely different person - she has so much more energy and passion than she had during the previous school years. This doesn't mean that Mal will never return to teaching, but she needs to step away from that environment for a while. Her excitement for teaching is now coming through full-force in MalMakes, which is now her full-time job complete with her own Patreon page.

The transition is a bit scary, but this was ultimately the best decision for Mal to make. Both she and Stephen are looking forward to what the future holds.