Mallory's A Teacher! (Day 561 - 6 8 11)

Mallory's A Teacher! (Day 561 - 6 8 11)

Mallory's A Teacher! (Day 561 - 6/8/11)
Date: June 8th, 2011
Running Time: 5:31

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  • Mallory's Car
  • UW Stout - Menomonie, Wisconsin
  • Mark's House - Appleton, Wisconsin


Today, Stephen & Mal return to UW Stout where Mal went to school to finalize documents, pay $100 for her license, and officially become a teacher! Let's celebrate with truffles and more ice cream and berries!


  • It's probably worth noting that Stephen had visited Mal while she was on her final days of UW Stout, from Days 385 to 399, and that was when Wisconsin was covered in snow.
  • The last time Stephen & Mal had truffles on the Vlog was on Day 386, when Stephen & Mal got 85% Raspberry truffles.


  • Stephen: "I got 99% Caramel (Care-uh-mul), which is the correct pronunciation."
    • Mal: "Car-mul!"
  • Stephen: "I am such a fan of repeat performances."
    • Mal: "The Mug of Joy!"
    • Stephen: "The Mug of Joy."
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