Mallory Comes Tomorrow (Day 27 - 12 21 09)

Mallory Comes Tomorrow (Day 27 - 12 21 09)

Mallory Comes Tomorrow (Day 27)
Date: December 21th, 2009
Running Time: 3:35

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  • Stephen's house

Summary Edit

The vlog starts off late at 6:30 P.M. with Stephen in his computer chair. Stephen tells his viewers that he has been cleaning most of the day, getting things ready for when Mallory arrives tomorrow, hence the title. Stephen's extremely excited about this, so he hadn't started recording until such a late time. He also says that Austin, Jeremy, and Anthony are coming over later to play some Magic: the Gathering whenever he finishes cleaning.

The vlog cuts to Rocko grooming himself with his tongue upside down while laying on the ground. Stephen says that he should just make a cute cat channel and put videos of him there, since Rocko's in the vlogs half the time. He later shows Rocko laying on a life size cut of of an Starman from Earthbound, destroyed. He had planned to use it at some point but never did, but Rocko seemed to enjoy laying on it.

Later Stephen plays Magic: the Gathering with Austin, Jeremy, and Anthony. Stephen tells us they played a few games then left. Austin was the last to leave the Magic: the Gathering party at 2:30 A.M.

The vlog ends with Stephen telling us about Autsin's departure and many Magic: the Gathering victories and that he'll be with Mallory in 11½ hours. As stated above, he can't wait to see her.