March 2016 - StephenMail

March 2016 - StephenMail

Date: April 24th, 2016
Running Time: 35:08

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Mail ShownEdit

Senders Content
Sara (Featured Letter)
Virginia Beach, VA
Youtube: RainyRose1874
  • Letter Only
Cabot, AR
Youtube: soraxjune15
  • Letter
  • Birthday card
  • 2 necklaces and a hairpin for Mallory
  • Pun notebook for Stephen
  • A Poké-poem
San Franscisco, CA
Youtube: N/A
  • Letter
  • Snacks
    • Pretz (Maple Syrup, Honey Roast, Hot Chili Salad, Tom Yum, Sweet Corn, Original and Pizza flavors)
    • Pejoy (Matcha, Chocolate, and Cookies and Cream flavors)
    • Pocky (Winter Melt Chocolate, Chocolate Banana, Summer Salty Milk Chocolate, Red Bean Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, Panda (Cookies and Cream), Strawberry and Caramel Latte Midi flavors)
    • KitKats (Sweet Potato)
    • Sour Hi-Chews
Fairport, NY
Youtube: N/A
  • Letter
  • Letter from Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear
  • TRAINS and Fluxx tabletop games
  • Large dog plushie (Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear's father??)
Albany, NY
Youtube: N/A
  • 4 Fallout 4 shirts
  • 4 Doctor Who shirts
  • 1 piece of Life Savers candy
Location: N/A
Youtube: N/A
  • Card games:
    • Hanabi
    • We Didn't Playtest This At All
    • Poop
  • Cat book entitled Sorry, I Barfed on Your Bed
Location: N/A
Youtube: Darbicus1
  • The Original Star Wars Trilogy
Location: N/A
Youtube: N/A
  • Dragon Ball Z Crystal Ball (Crystal Dragon Balls)


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