Let's-a Have A Party! - DK's Jungle Adventure -1 (Mario Party -1)

Let's-a Have A Party! - DK's Jungle Adventure -1 (Mario Party -1)

Mario Party is Stephen's 92nd Let's Play and his 53rd co-op Let's Play with Mallory. They are joined by two new guests on each board. It began on May 14th, 2019 and ended August 5th, 2019 but is set to return with Mario Party 2.

Stephan a Mal had previously played some Mario Party boards with Emile in Mario Party Boards.

Episodes Edit

Mario Party 1 DK's Jungle Adventure with Alex and Hayley Edit

Mario Party 1 Peach's Birthday Cake with Josh and Tyler Edit

Mario Party 1 Yoshi's Tropical Island with Alex, Dan, and Nick Edit

Mario Party 1 Wario's Battle Canyon with Chaz, Jeff, and Paul Edit

Mario Party 1 Luigi's Engine Room with Roland and William Edit

Mario Party 1 Mario's Rainbow Castle with Deb and Steve Edit

Mario Party 1 Bowser's Magma Mountain with Dan and Lindsey Edit

Mario Party 1 Eternal Star with Emile, Jon, and Tim Edit

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