Martin Luther King Dinner (Day 55 - 1 18 10)-0

Martin Luther King Dinner (Day 55 - 1 18 10)-0

Martin Luther King Dinner (Day 55 - 1/18/10)
Date: January 18th, 2010
Running Time: 1:18

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Alex's car
  • Zaxby's
  • Stephen's room at SCAD

Summary Edit

It begins with Stephen, Dan, Taylor, and Alex in what is presumably Alex's car (since he's the one driving), on their way to Zaxby's. Shouting over a recorded speech of Dr. King, Stephen explains It's Martin Luther King day, and so they're going out to celebrate. Alex explains that they're going to have chicken, but that it's just because Dan likes it, not because of the racial stereotype.

At Zaxby's, while everyone's eating, Alex brings up a similar restaurant chain called Guthrie's, and how it compares to Zaxby's. He seems to sort of prefer Guthrie's, since they give you more toast with your meal, it's cheaper, has a drive-thru, and they don't have annoying commercials like Zaxby's does.

Back home, at his desk, Stephen tells us that was all they really did that day.

Notes Edit

  • The name of this vlog comes from the fact that they go to out dinner at Zaxby's On Martin Luther King Jr Birthday.

Quotes Edit

  • "We're only going there because Dan wanted chicken. Not because, 'LOL, black people chicken'. Dan just likes chicken" - Alex