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Stephen thinks he may have lost a Stephen & Friends recording: a game of Mad Verse City, which is in Jackbox Party Pack 5. He believes that this has something to do with how they play Jackbox games when they aren't in the same room.

The way he did the most recent recording was with a private YouTube live steam, but that has a delay of 10-15 seconds when on low latency, and for a game like Mad Verse City, every second counts.

The recording itself might be salvageable, but now that Stephen has talked about that, Maybe It's Not Worth Salvaging. The recording was messed up, but after Stephen was done recording the episode, he never actually ended the recording, and by the time he noticed, he had already closed Discord, which is usually integrated into the recording somehow.

Then, Stephen decides to ask for some suggestions for Stephen & Friends, preferably games that can support more than 8 players, which is usually pretty hard to find.

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