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Stephen and Mallory tour the McLeod Children's Hospital, where all the donations they've raised through Extra Life have gone.

They learn how the staff there take care of the children by creating a child-friendly environment for them and by letting them play games on the Xbox 360 or watch videos on iPads to entertain themselves. The staff also use the iPads to educate the kids on the diseases they have or any medical procedure they have to go through.

The hospital's plan is to use the money Stephen and Mal raise this year to place an iPad in every room, which means that not only will each children have access to an iPad, but it also means that the staff can use their existing iPads just for education.

Back home, Stephen reflects on their weekend. He really enjoyed meeting everyone and watching Mallory's workshop. He also really appreciated touring the Children's Hospital and learning how hard they work to take care of the kids, and seeing how much donations mean to the hospital.

Also, Stephen announces that as of this vlog, viewers can donate to their upcoming Extra Life event, which is GameCube-themed and will feature Dan reading the donations. Their goal for this year is $30,000.


  • To donate to Stephen and Mallory's Extra Life, click here. Make sure to leave the name of a (North American) GameCube game in your comment for them to play during the stream.