Thanks for being a part of the Wiki! Anything you do is helpful, but here's the list of concerns at the moment:

  • Keeping up with Vlog Days. Since there's a new vlog every day, we need to make sure we don't fall behind. By creating vlog pages and writing a brief summary, you're making the universe a better place!
  • Mail Videos. Summaries of mail videos are lacking, and each video takes quite a while to get through, but with your help, we'll be able to finish those up before you can say "Destiny Burger" three times.
  • Subtitling Vlogs. This isn't really a wiki task, but it's important! Just subtitling one short video will help, and make his vlog more accessible for others! See how you can do so here.

Honestly, we're just glad you're here, so if the above list isn't your thing, that's cool. Feel free to work on whatever makes you happy!

This list will be updated periodically to talk about some important stuff to work on.