Medieval Times (Day 36 - 12 30 09)

Medieval Times (Day 36 - 12 30 09)

Medieval Times (Day 36 - 12/30/09)
Date:December 30th 2009
Running Time: 2:34

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  • Stephen
  • Mallory
  • Various performers and people in the audience at Medieval Times


  • Stephen's car
  • Medieval Times


Stephen and Mallory are in the car, on their way to Wal-Mart. They're going to have a picture printed to put into the locket that Stephen gave Mallory for Christmas, which he neglected to do originally. Afterwards, they are going to Medieval Times.

Later, Stephen calls Justin on his mobile phone to (mockingly) shake him down for the money he owes him for filming and editing Justin's wife's production of The Nutcracker.

At Medieval Times, Stephen and Mallory are in the black and white section. A fight is briefly seen.

On the way home, Mallory mentions that she got one of the fake roses that the knights throw at women. A knight threw one at Mallory, but it actually landed in Stephen's lap. He wonders if maybe he should have hung around after the show.


  • The title of this vlog come from the fact that Stephen and Mal visit Medieval Times.
  • Stephen edited in pictures for the words he was saying when he explained what Medieval Time is. Most of them were simply pictures of the things he was mentioning, but he stuck in pictures of the Sega character NiGHTS (when he said "knights") and a bottle of mace (when he said "maces") as a joke.


  • Stephen (calling Justin about the money he owes him): "WHERE MY MONEY?! WHERE MY MONEY, FOOL?! OHHH MAN, YOU GONNA GET IT SO BAD! (cuts) When you get this, call me back, don't be scared of me, I'm not gonna kill you, that's what the other guys are for. Anyway, take care."