Medium Is The New Large (Day 38 - 1 1 10)

Medium Is The New Large (Day 38 - 1 1 10)

Medium Is The New Large (Day 38 - 1/1/10)
Date: January 1st, 2010
Running Time: 7:26

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  • Stephen's house
  • Stephen's car


It opens with Stephen filming Rocko, who's lazing about on the kitchen floor. Stephen meows at him.

He explains that he and Mallory are packed up, and about ready to head back to Savannah. Winter break is pretty much over. They went to bed late the previous night, and so he only got a few hours of sleep and now has to make a five hour drive.

Later, in the car, Stephen mentions that they stopped at Bojangles', a fast food chain indigenous to the American south (with a few locations in Pennylvania and the Latin American country Honduras). He shows us a medium drink cup from Bojangles', which is massive. He wonders if their large is like the "Sip"from Squidbillies, which is a massive plastic mug owned by the morbidly obese character Crystal.

Later, Mallory has the camera and says that they're at a new Wal-Mart in a city just outside of Myrtle Beach. The newly planted palm trees in the parking lot are still on stilts. Stephen gets frustrated with a person in another car, who is driving the wrong way through a narrow one-way lane in the store's parking lot. He says that people in their early forties don't know how to drive. Mallory asks him about eighty-year-olds, to which Stephen says "they're fine".

Leaving the Wal-Mart, Stephen is singing along with the radio, making up lyrics. He apparently purchased a "Wii Card" in the store, because he says so in the made-up lyrics.

Back on the road, Mallory takes the camera to show us that they're going through a swamp. Stephen mentions that the swamps around there have snakes.

In the next cut, Mallory tells us that they're crossing the border (which is the Savannah River], leaving South Carolina and entering Georgia. Stephen calls the river (which is fairly wide, it takes a while to drive across the bridge) "no man's land", since they're technically in neither South Carolina nor Georgia.

Making it across the river, Stephen says that since they're in Georgia now, they'll be in Savannah in about ten minutes. He says they made pretty good time, considering they stopped at three Wal-Marts along the way. They plan on checking in to the hotel, and then exploring Savannah for a bit if they're not too tired.

They've arrived in Savannah. Mallory says that you can tell because the trees all have Spanish moss on them. Over the next few cuts, Stephen sings/hums stupid little songs, he tells us they checked in to the hotel, and then he tells us that they've been traveling around Savannah. He mentions that they visited a card shop and Target, and then started to feel the effects of sleep deprivation, and got a cup of coffee at a Starbucks. He hates coffee, including Starbucks. As such, he didn't really know what to order, so he asked Mallory. She suggested an espresso, which she thought would wake him up. Though extremely overpriced, it did the trick. However, according to Mallory, he will crash in one to three hours. This could prove problematic, because they're meeting Stephen's parents for dinner. Debra and Steve had to come to Savannah as well, to bring the rest of Stephen's stuff that he couldn't fit in his own car.

Their shopping for the day is done. The reason that they were looking at so many Wal-Marts on the way to Savannah (as well as a few more Wal-Marts, a few Targets, and a couple of specialty shops in Savannah) is that they were looking for a Black Zendikar Deck for Mallory. The finally found it at one of the Targets.

In the hotel room, Mallory has the camera and asks Stephen where they're going. Stephen says that they're meeting his parents at Cracker Barrel. His parents are a little late because there was a wreck on the road, which held them up.

At Cracker Barrel, Stephen got Momma's Pancake Breakfast. Steve got it too. Mallory got blackberry pancakes, and Debra got a kid's meal. They're going to back to the hotel now, where they'll try to scrape together a few winks because they have to be up at 5AM to take Mallory to the airport.

Notes Edit

  • The title of this vlog comes from Stephen getting a Medium and thinking it is Large Hence "Medium Is The New Large".
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