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Stephen and Mal have some salmon for lunch, after Mal got burned out of salmon for a while.

Some time later, Stephen and Mal have finished a good few hours of work. While Mal serves up dinner, Stephen takes the time to mention how much the cats have mellowed out now that they're older.

He also talks about him messing up his priorities again because instead of recording Morning Mario for tomorrow, he got really into Uncharted. After that, Mal takes over ending the vlog.


  • "It took some time but we're back on the salmon train. ...Which is an expression that no one has used before because I just invented it. It's also a bad expression, you should not use it, it leads to a lot of questions like: Why are the salmon on the train? Are there anthropomorphic salmon driving the train? Are they just being eaten while on a train? Why is a train involved? What does it have to do anything with salmon?" - Stephen
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