Memorable Moments Predicament (Day 904 - 5 16 12)

Memorable Moments Predicament (Day 904 - 5 16 12)

Memorable Moments Predicament (Day 904 - 5/16/12)
Date: May 16th, 2012
Running Time: 6:39

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  • Stephen's House

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Stephen gets a big box that contains three pineapples, a watermelon, a canteloupe, two kiwis, two packets of oranges, and a pack of strawberries. Mallory got them for free because the school she works for received a grant for free fruits and vegetables for students, but there were a lot left over. Stephen says that it is the second day in a row that there has been a storm and there was a power surge that prevented him from working on Let's Plays.

Stephen worked since 7 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. working on Memorable Moments videos because a new one is released every day in May 2012. He says that there were 80 Memorable Moments to make which is why it was such a tough job. He has too many Memorable Moments built up and since he is creating new ones with new Let's Plays he has to find a way to get release many of them at a time, possibly releasing them more than once a week as the schedule usually goes or having another month with a Memorable Moment every day. He asks the audience what they think the best schedule of releasing Memorable Moments would be. Stephen and Mallory have "hobo packets" again for dinner.


  • Stephen and Mallory show how to make hobo packets in the previous day, day 903.