Stephen Plays: Minecraft is Stephen's 5th Let's Play. While it began as a solo LP, Mallory joined as a permanent co-star in Episode 27. Minecraft was one of Stephen's most watched Let's plays, as it was new to many people at the time of release.

It debuted on April 20th, 2011 and ended on February 19th, 2012, following the 100th episode of the LP. Following the end of the LP, Stephen and Mal have since covered some Minecraft custom maps, including It's Better Together, Monarch of Madness, and Mystery of the Pumpkin Castle.

Minecraft Playlist


Stephen Plays Minecraft - Ep

Stephen Plays Minecraft - Ep. 1

First episode of Minecraft.

Memorable Moments from this LPEdit


  • This was Stephen's longest LP until Skyrim surpassed it with 283 episodes.
  • Before StephenPlays, Stephen made 4 Minecraft episodes on the vlog showing off his creative/survival worlds that he had made with Dan, Taylor, Alex, Jeremy, and Mal.
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